About VJC | Message from President

JCI Victoria, the most senior chapter in Hong Kong, has proactively responded to challenges in our community since our establishment in 1950. This year, I am much honored to have the opportunity to serve as the President for JCI Victoria. Our theme in 2014 is “ACTIVE CITIZEN! POSITIVE MOVEMENT!”. As an organization of young active citizens, we are a group of energetic leaders empowered with the mission to create positive change. We seek solutions to the problems around us to create better nation, better environments and better societies. Meanwhile, we also know that true lasting change starts from within. This year, our board is dedicated to provide various development opportunities for you to realize your potential.
1. International affairs
Active participation in JCI International conferences and sister chapters visits have built a strong network for JCI Victoria in Asia region. We have close friendship network not limited from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine and Mongolia. This year, besides visiting our sister chapters across Asia, we also highly recommend our members to join JCI Asia-Pacific Conference and JCI World Congress, which will be held respectively in Yamagata, Japan from 4-7 June and Leipzig, Germany from 24-29 November. Join us and grasp the chance to explore the international friendship and culture with JCI Victoria.

  2. Business Affairs

Increase of labour cost in China has brought both threat and opportunity to Chinese Enterprise. Brand building is the key solution for them to cope with squeezing net profit margins and catch up the opportunity in blooming consumer market in Chinese middle classes. China is widely regarded as having the best growth potential for branding services companies. Hong Kong is the business services capital of Asia with pool of talent professionals for Brand Building and Internationalization. innoBrand 2014 will develop business opportunity for Hong Kong branding professionals to promote their services to Chinese Enterprise through an exclusive China Business Trip.

  3. Community affairs

Grandparents are the key to maintain family value, like the root to sustain the whole family tree. However, due to split of family, family value is deteriorating. Since 1990, we have organized Grandparents Day to strengthen the enduring values of the family. Grandparents Day is intended to honor grandparents, encourage families to connect across the generations, and inspire children the love and wisdom grandparents can offer. In 2014, we will run our 25th Grandparents Day (GPD) in series. We will begin with caring our grandparents to learning from our grandparents. 

We care future leaders. Joint with Leadership Affairs, we will run the Project SEED – Youth Development Program. Working closely with multinational corporate, we will incubate a social business in the community to provide development opportunity to underprivileged young people. SEED, stands for our core values – Social Responsibility, Empathy, Empowerment and Dedication. Meanwhile, our members will be trained as mentors to cultivate such “SEEDs” of Active Citizens in Hong Kong.  

  4. Leadership Affairs

Leadership is our core strength and value for JCI members. In order to develop our members into leaders, we will promote JCI training and competition. We will empower our members with JCI Impact training and nurture our members to be JCI trainer. Meanwhile, we will provide various chairmanship opportunities for you to lead a project team. Be a Leader, join JCI Victoria!

Actions speak louder than words! Join us, you will make a difference!


Chris Tam

2014 President
Junior Chamber International Victoria