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JCI Twinning Program

JCI Twinning Program is a voluntary and reciprocal agreement between local or national organizations.

The objective of twinning is to exchange personal visits, ideas, projects and culture.

Twinning originates from members who wish to establish mutual understanding and friendship.  Through twinning, JCI Victoria are connected to different local organizations in different countries, providing our members with unique perspectives and experiences for them to get deeper understanding of national diversity and cooperation. 

JCI Tawau

1983 signed with 

JCI Tawau, Malaysia 


JCI Dongdaemun

2002 signed with 

JCI Seoul Dongdaemun, Korea  


JCI Tainan

1983 signed with 

JCI Tainan, Taiwan 


JCI Ulaanbaatar

2012 signed with 

JCI Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia  


JCI Osaka

1989 signed with 

JCI Osaka, Japan 


JCI Perlas Pasay


2005 signed as

Friendship Chapter


Triangle Twinning

  • JCI Victoria, JCI Tainan and JCI Tawau are Sister Chapters. 

  • JCI Victoria, JCI Dongaemun and JCI Perlas Pasay are Sister Chapters/ Friendship Organization.  

Friendship Organization

2008 signed with 肇慶市青年企業家協會  

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