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Dara Sum

2024 President

President's Message

With the support of our beloved members, it is my great honour and pleasure to serve as the President of JCI Victoria in 2024. It gives me the profound pleasure to be entrusted with such a role and the entailed responsibilities. To me, the meaning of being president is to provide substantial assistance, right resources, and a good environment for my members to grow and shine in their life. I believed that everyone could have a better version of themselves and deserve a better life.


“Show your Talent” well describes how we are going to show our talent together along with our leadership of my 2024 board of directors.JCI Victoria, in 2024, focuses on several major areas, in order to contribute and gather teenager's power and create more social impact which is in line with the directive of JCI Rise, SDGs and youth exchange on an international level. We continue our journey to show their talent in the aforementioned areas that we will organize 4 flagship projects respectively, “SDG Enterprise Awards”, “SEN to the World”, “Pet to School” and “AED Save a Life”.

Show your Talent is the theme of JCI Victoria in 2024, it leads members to realise their potential and break out of their comfort zones. At the same time, JCI is an incubator for future leaders, and our members will learn the true meaning and skills of being a leader, a leader of a better community, a better Hong Kong, a better world.

We sincerely look forward to meeting you soon in upcoming events! Cheers to a New Year and New Chapter! We are ready to create a meaningful 2024 and let’s show our talent together!

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