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Wallace Shum

2023 President

President's Message

It is time for us to take one step forward, to engage ourselves more deeply, to inspire and motivate more people to join JC movement, to create opportunities of upward mobility and involvement in international affairs to the youths in our beloved community. To achieve our team’s vision, there is a plan of change, a change that will take us one step forward


JCI Victoria, in 2023, focuses on five major areas, homelessness in our community, intergenerational harmony, economic recovery in line with the directive of JCI Rise, SDGs and youth exchange on an international level. In order to continue our journey to take one step forward in the aforementioned areas, we will organize five flagship projects, respectively, Angel’s Gift, Youth in Elderly Concert, innoBrand, SDG Enterprise Awards and International Biodiversity Conservation Summit.


One Step Forward, the motto of our team, which through the development of five areas above, we will lead our members on the path to serve our community for a better future. At the same time, JCI is an incubator for future leaders, and our members will learn the true meaning and skills of being a leader, a leader of a better community, a better Hong Kong, a better world.

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