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Manson chan

2022 President

President's Message

“Together V Grow” this is our theme in 2022.  I wish to see members to develop and grow by joining us. Therefore, we will have four Flagship Projects this year. 

“Together V speak” is a training project that allows our members to become a good leader and to improve their public speaking skills.
“Together act on SDGs” is to encourage enterprises to involve in SDGs to build a better future together.
“innoTogether” is to support companies to develop their business models with any situations. 
“Grandparent’s Day” will have two coming up events. “Together V sing” is a music concert played by young people and elderly. Following by “Fashion Together”, which we will invite the grandparents and their grandchildren to walk on the catwalk.

Being in JCI for years, I learnt one fact that “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This is exactly what I wish to see where our members can go far by growing and learning together. “Together V grow”

We are going to have to find someone walking at our speed and walk together. Create a path together, and help each other in times of stress. We grow together side by side.

We GROW with every member together.
We ACHIEVE with every member together.
Be EXCELLENT with every member together.
Join us, Together V Grow